Annette's Biography

Annette was born in Perth-Andover, New Brunswick, the oldest of three children, and was raised near the top of a mountain in a little community called Tilley, on the homestead where her Grandfather Tompkins was born.  "My parents dedicated me to the Lord as an infant and taught me from the beginning that whatever I did in life I was to do it "whole-heartedly as unto the Lord".  It was understood that any talent or gift that was discovered within us was placed there for His glory and was to be used in His service."

For over four generations, her family attended a little church in Tilley, and her earliest memories include climbing the steep stairs from the basement Sunday School rooms while Elva Dixon played the piano and the congregation sang "When He cometh, when He cometh, to make up His jewels...". 

"I don't remember when there wasn't music in my life."   The family gathered on Saturdays, aunts and uncles chatted under the trees and the air was full of the sounds of children's laughter, and then the music began.  Out came the fiddles and guitars and they gathered around the piano and sang for hours.  Annette learned to play the piano as a little girl chording along as her grandfather Currie played his fiddle.  "On very special occasions I would get to play the pump organ.  I was too short to reach the keys and pump at the same time, so my cousins would sit under the organ and pump it while I played."

Annette graduated from Southern Victoria High School in 1977 and moved to Saint John to attend the Community College.  Over the past 30 plus years they have traveled many miles together singing and preaching the gospel. "God has blessed us immensely and we've made many wonderful friends."

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