Ken's Biography

Ken was the fourth born in a family of five, with two brothers and two sisters. He was raised and educated in Saint John, New Brunswick, an industrial city in Eastern Canada. At the age of 2 weeks he attended church for the first time and hasn't missed many Sundays since. Although Ken attended Sunday school, with 17 years perfect attendance, and church not just on Sunday but sometimes twice through the week as well, he's quick to point out that it didn't guarantee his salvation. "I may have been taken to church but I still got into the ways of the world. I could swear a sentence a yard long and do lots of things that God would frown on.  I needed more than church, I needed a Saviour!"

One Wednesday afternoon in October of 1972 after arriving home from high school there came a turning point in his life. "That day I was in my bedroom when I sensed Holy Ghost conviction in a very strong way. I knew I was living wrong and that I was lost. It seemed as though God were speaking directly to me and saying "Young man, today you are going to make a decision to either live for me or go the way of the world. Today you will make a decision". I remember getting down on my knees by my bed and crying out to God in repentance and my life has never been the same since."

After that day the kids he hung with began to drift away, a change had taken place. He began reading his Bible and praying regularly and not too many months later felt God's calling to ministry. Before finishing high school he had opportunity to preach to the youth group and since then has seen many doors open. Together with his wife Annette they have ministered through singing or preaching at the local jail, nursing homes, and open air meetings, many churches have been blessed with their ministry as well.

One of Ken's favourite hymns is "At Calvary". It expresses the thing he is most thankful for, especially the fourth verse, "O the love that drew salvations plan, O the grace that brought it down to man, O the mighty gulf that God did span, at Calvary". "Knowing that God did for me so willingly, what he didn't have to, yet chose to, amazes me. When I stop and think on it my heart fills up with gratitude that I can't find the right words to express. Thank you Jesus for saving me!"

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